League of Humanity

Here's a place I've put random stuff I've written, but it's not really worth reading. Which means you're probably in the wrong place!

Mastodon - I don't love doing publicity-stuff but I guess I use it for publicity-stuff. But I don't love it.

Also, I love Mastodon about as much as I liked Twitter. Which is to say, I don't like it.

If you're on gemini, the new funny catchphrase is gemi-gemi-bob. Don't ask why, but tell all your friends they're missing out if they're not using it!

This would get 1000 retweets if it was on twitter instead of gemini. Also, if I could afford 1000 bots

What does FOSS stand for?





What does ultidonki mean?

ulti - (ultimate)

donki - (donkey)

Yeah, I need to think up better usernames...

No matter how big the argument is, I think we can all agree on one thing... We just don't want to!