I'm working on some FOSS game projects! But nothing released yet. But they will be! Soon (hopefully!)

Here is a place where I will put random thoughts, random ideas, random numbers - 21.5! - see? haha etc.

Blog posts

Here... is a blog... My first one!!! But not very high quality. In fact it doesn't even make sense.

An update I wrote in January (but forgot to add the link here until March!!)

I made a comic about Tuxemon, the FOSS monster-catching game!

Current projects:

Yes, gardening - not farming! So, there's no crops or trees to plant, or money to be made. You just cut grass with a lawnmower, water plants with a rain cloud, and shoot lazers from your cat's eyes.

Current status: I implemented the gameplay for everything (except shooting lazers from the cat's eyes), but then realized the gameplay was a bit boring, and there was waaaaay too much art and levels to create, so after taking a break, I'll probably abandon it. There's only one playable room in the entire game.

Made in Godot 3, I'll release the source code and art assets under AGPL and CC-BY-SA 4.0+ SOON... ish... ie. before the end of 2021... MAYBE?!?!?!

The world and art of Pepper and Carrot is CC-BY David Revoy.

A screenshot!

A Pepper and Carrot... Actually, I couldn't be bothered making a 3D model of Carrot, so only Pepper is in this game.

I made this in Castle Game Engine, after learning how to make 3D characters in Blender. And it's my first 3D game! So of course I'm proud of it - I only started to learn blender in january! - Even though the jankiness-level here is extremely high, I'll probably release it soon without fixing anything. I'm a little embarrassed (as Pepper & Carrot is known for its amazing creative-commons art, and my 3D models are... not as good!!) but whatever.

I made it in about a month, but I haven't touched it for 2 months, so I'll probably just release it, I obviously don't have the motivation to improve it.

A screenshot!

I've started making a tuxemon mod! I don't know if I'll finish it (or get anywhere close), but for now I'm working on it.

The storyline is just: You hear about a rare tuxemon and go to find it. The end!

An image of the map I've created, so far! (Warning: 0.7 MB!)

Other places

I have a Mastodon! (Or a pleroma, I guess).

A Blog! I have another blog! But I haven't written any posts for it, or made the profile public yet. So, err, I guess there was no point in me listing this.

Reeeeally random stuff

Sometimes I'll put extremely random stuff, that's not too shameful to me/my family, here, because I don't want to waste my precious backspace button by deleting it, so I'll archive it here, in case the value goes up and I need to sell it on the random stock market..

A list of random things I've wroten (Very small right now)