Katherine Peeters

Hi! I’m a FLOSS-loving anarchist trans girl with a taste for P2P software (not cryptocurrency, actual useful P2P stuff). I hang around on Freenode, mostly #loh-en. I live in Ottawa, and my preferred pronouns are she/her.

(I’m also pan and single, if you know me IRL hit me up)

If you’re going to send me an email, please encrypt your message with my OpenPGP key. Tox is also an acceptable method of sending me secure messages. Please avoid direct messaging me on IRC, I prefer email or Tox for direct communication.

Stuff I use

Here’s a list of software I use:

Blender stuff

Here’s some random things I made in Blender.

Short Stories

These are terrible. That said, I have no internet clout as it is, so posting them can’t make things any worse!

List of games I wish there were open source clones of