League of Humanity

Katherine Peeters

Hi! I’m a FLOSS-loving anarchist with a taste for P2P software (not cryptocurrency, actual useful P2P stuff). I hang around on Freenode, mostly #loh-en. I live in Ottawa, and my pronouns are she/her.

If you’re going to send me an email, please encrypt your message with my OpenPGP key.

Game development consults

I offer free consulting for indie game developers. I can provide an evaluation of the time and financial demands of your project, as well as provide a quote for my services as a freelance software developer.

Please contact me by email for consultations. Additionally, you can read my résumé, which is linked at the top of the page.

Stuff I use

Here’s a list of software I use:

Blender stuff

Here’s some random things I made in Blender.

Short Stories

These are probably terrible. That said, I have no internet clout as it is, so posting them can’t make things any worse!

List of games I wish there were open source clones of


All of these are also available via the RSS feed.