Alden Peeters

Hi! I’m a FLOSS loving anarchist with a taste for P2P software (not Bitcoin garbage, actual useful P2P stuff). I hang around on Freenode, mostly #loh-en and #libregamenight. I live in Ottawa (Canada), and my preferred pronoun is he/him. I also run this website.


I occasionally stream various things, everything from gaming to programming. Although I check the YouTube chat while streaming, I primarily read #loh-en on Freenode, so you can chat with me there. I plan on streaming at 16:00 UTC every Sunday, although don’t expect this to be very consistent.

You can view it on YouTube; I upload some other videos there. Oh, and if you have suggestions for more libre alternatives to YouTube send me an email! (Not D.Tube or PeerTube, I’ve heard of those, they both have pretty severe issues).

Here’s a list of software I use:

The Matrix Debate

I constantly get asked why I don’t use Matrix if I like decentralization so much, so let me explain it here. Matrix is federated, not P2P, and although I think federation is certainly way better than centralization, I don’t think it’s the solution to the whole companies-control-everything problem.

Remember that email is also federated, in much the same way as Matrix, and yet 44% of email users just default to the easiest choice: Gmail (and another 26% use Yahoo Mail)[1]. This is the flaw with federation: It assumes people are smart. Realistically, most people are lazy, and will just go with whatever provider (or in Matrix’s case, homeserver) is most common. This is why a huge portion of email users use Gmail and Yahoo, and why so many people use the homeserver. At the moment, there’s still a lot of people who use other homeservers, but I think that’s because the people using Matrix right now are mostly the smart bunch, the ones that are going to stop and think about what homeserver they’re using and not just go with whatever is most common.

Let’s be clear, I have a lot of respect for the Matrix developers and users; they have the right intentions at heart, and so far the platform they built is doing well. However, I don’t think it’s a permanent solution to our problems.

  1. The Gmail/Yahoo Mail Age Divide, Statista