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Once again, hello!

I would like to thank everyone for their kind feedback, both here on
the mailing list and the IRC channel. If anyone hasn’t finished the
game yet, but would still like to do so, I can write a walkthrough to
clarify the more elusive puzzles. (Maybe ping me on IRC.)

Francesco Ariis <> wrote:
> I enjoyed the clever used of seldom-seen typographic marks like
> \u261e and \u205d.

I do think there’s a lot of beauty hidden in Unicode in plain sight. :-)

> The parser is a bit rough around the edges (I believe contemporary
> IF allows for �ne� instead of �go north east�, �look� in place of
> �examine room�) but that is expected if you coded it from the ground
> up in 7 days (cloc says 1112 lines).

The ambition was there, but the knowledge was not. I hadn’t thought of
shortcuts like ‘ne’, though, so that’s definitely something to keep in
mind for later!

'ultidonki' <> wrote:
> My two biggest requests would be to only type 'e' or 'x' instead of
> 'examine', and if there's no parameters to 'examine' just look at the
> room by default. Because typing 'examine room' each time to remind me
> of where I am and what I can interact with started to get boring.

I did hope to get just ‘look’ or ‘examine’ to work that way. But I
don’t think I would abbreviate commands to one letter even for
convenience. I think a part of the beauty of the genre comes from
interacting with the computer as if it could understand human language.
Reducing this interaction to codes might take away from this. But
that’s a thing of design philosophy and not a good excuse for
too repetitive of game mechanics. ^ ^

> Thanks for making it - it's very impressive for only 7 days work,
> especially if Raku was a new language for you! :)

And to you for playing it! Raku isn’t technically a completely new
language for me; I had been taking glances at it for a while now, and
wrote a small program in it several months ago. So I’d already been
familiar with the look and feel, but got to explore parts of the
language that were still fairly new to me.

Jaidyn Levesque <> wrote:
> Now, if I'm being honest, even if I had a good time with the game,
> darn those sound-effects were awful. I could hardly hear them!

Did you make sure your audio setup was working and your output
unmuted? :o

> Overall: 20/3

I am touched. I’m not sure by what, but I am. :’)

Best of wishes to all of you
// Tirifto

On Sun, 10 Oct 2021 16:43:13 +0000 (UTC)
Tirifto <> wrote:

> Hello again!
> As it turned out, my game had a few bugs that made it misleading in
> some ways. I have fixed those and added a list of acceptable commands
> to the README file. I have also documented some caveats. Hopefully
> this is okay. The new version is attached as
> ‘wake-up-call-fixed.tar.gz’.
> No substantial changes to the game content or mechanics were made. All
> the annoyances that do not hinder gameplay are still there, too.
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