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I agree that it's a good, fun game. Although I died twice and couldn't see a way
forward so I looked at the source code to see the endings...

> I have fixed those and added a list of acceptable commands
> to the README file.
I struggled to do *anything* until I read this, I tried 'look', 'view', 'see',
'watch', and probably some other things.
My two biggest requests would be to only type 'e' or 'x' instead of 'examine',
and if there's no parameters to 'examine' just look at the room by default.
Because typing 'examine room' each time to remind me of where I am and what I
can interact with started to get boring.

The source code is quite nice, IF seems like a nice way to make spaghetti code,
but I think the code looks easy to read/extend, even though I've never seen Raku
code before.

In the end the puzzles didn't have much to do with noise, which is what I was
expecting from the README, which is fine, but I thought the idea of trying to
wake up your grandfather was a nice idea, so it was a shame I only found 1
thing that actually made a loud noise, and it didn't seem to affect the puzzles
too much.

Thanks for making it - it's very impressive for only 7 days work, especially if
Raku was a new language for you! :)