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2021-03-27Minetest is back, baby!Katherine Peeters
2021-03-05Updated LibreJam pageKatherine Peeters
2021-03-02Added 8A86 to wireguard networkKatherine Peeters
2021-03-02Added DED9 to wireguard networkKatherine Peeters
2021-03-02Added 006C to wireguard networkKatherine Peeters
2021-02-28Added first service!Katherine Peeters
2021-02-28Updated index pageKatherine Peeters
2021-02-28Added gateways sectionKatherine Peeters
2021-02-27Changed virtual network ID thingyKatherine Peeters
2021-02-27Added virtual network thingyKatherine Peeters
2021-02-25Reworded librejam pageFrancesco Ariis
2021-02-19That didn't help...Katherine Peeters
2021-02-19????Katherine Peeters
2021-02-19Fixed image linksKatherine Peeters
2021-02-19Added 512KiB club linkKatherine Peeters
2021-02-08Updated jam statusKatherine Peeters
2021-01-31LibreJam 202102: Subnautical!Katherine Peeters
2021-01-23Fixed heading in LSAND pageKatherine Peeters
2021-01-23Tidied up the LSAND pageKatherine Peeters
2021-01-23Added LSAND pageKatherine Peeters
2021-01-16LibreJam is bimonthly nowKatherine Peeters
2021-01-07Added submissions (or rather, submission) for LibreJam 202101Katherine Peeters
2021-01-03Moved back to FreenodeKatherine Peeters
2020-12-31Fixed librejam index pageKatherine Peeters
2020-12-31Announced theme for LibreJam 202101Katherine Peeters
2020-12-31First librejam of 2021!Katherine Peeters
2020-12-27My god I suck at thisKatherine Peeters
2020-12-27I need to learn to typeKatherine Peeters
2020-12-27Wait no Gatemender won too!Katherine Peeters
2020-12-27Fixed page for librejam 202012Katherine Peeters
2020-12-27Announced winners of LibreJam 202012Katherine Peeters
2020-12-23'Ratings' not 'Rate', and media isn't variousKatherine Peeters
2020-12-23Added CLion to credits for StarDragKatherine Peeters
2020-12-23Removed <video> tagsKatherine Peeters
2020-12-23Tweaked Rampoina's previous commitsKatherine Peeters
2020-12-23Add GatemenderRampoina
2020-12-23Add Basic LanderRampoina
2020-12-23Add Asciinaut and StarDragRampoina
2020-12-23Add links to the entriesRampoina
2020-12-16Curse you, formatting errorsKatherine Peeters
2020-12-16Removed the IRC link since it was broken anywaysKatherine Peeters
2020-12-16Moved to for IRCKatherine Peeters
2020-12-15Added cgit CSS fileKatherine Peeters
2020-12-08Updated librejam statusKatherine Peeters
2020-12-08Added blurb about ratings to the librejam pageKatherine Peeters
2020-12-06Added more libre games to the databaseKatherine Peeters
2020-11-30Oops, it was right the first timeKatherine Peeters
2020-11-30Fixed LibreJam end timeKatherine Peeters
2020-11-30Fixed LibreJam statusKatherine Peeters