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2021-10-19Fixed RSS feed titlesKatherine Peeters
2021-09-28Updated stylesheetKatherine Peeters
No graphical changes, but inlined the colour scheme so that certain browsers (eg links) don't throw up
2021-09-25Removed lsandKatherine Peeters
2021-09-22Removed link to streams pageKatherine Peeters
2021-09-21removed stuffKatherine Peeters
2021-09-14Removed link to cafe babe pageKatherine Peeters
2021-09-14Added ultidonki's userpage indexKatherine Peeters
2021-09-13Removed Minetest serverKatherine Peeters
2021-08-31Fixed weird grammarKatherine Peeters
2021-08-30Added code of conductKatherine Peeters
2021-08-12Added Gemini announcement postKatherine Peeters
2021-08-12Fixed stat urlKatherine Peeters
2021-08-12Fixed /uKatherine Peeters
2021-08-12Optimized gmi2htmlKatherine Peeters
2021-08-09Fixed RSS feed sortingKatherine Peeters
2021-08-09Updated stylesheet for the gemini apocalypseKatherine Peeters
2021-08-09Converted all the librejam entries to gemtextKatherine Peeters
2021-08-08Remove extra stuff from the languages pageKatherine Peeters
2021-08-08Yes I'm super anal about the order of the makefileKatherine Peeters
2021-08-08Converted RSS feeds to gemtextKatherine Peeters
2021-08-08Fixed some links (.md to .gmi)Katherine Peeters
2021-08-08Updated all librejam pages except the entriesKatherine Peeters
2021-08-08Converted everything except librejam, RSS feeds, and userpages to gemtextKatherine Peeters
2021-08-08Converted root of site to gemtextKatherine Peeters
2021-08-08Added gmi2htmlKatherine Peeters
2021-08-01librejam 202108 theme announcementKatherine Peeters
2021-07-11Fixed LSAND pageKatherine Peeters
2021-07-05Removed endpoint section from cafe babe peers tableKatherine Peeters
2021-07-05Added 90F3 to cafe babeKatherine Peeters
2021-07-02Fixed credits for FroggorFKatherine Peeters
2021-07-01Fixed markdown in librejam entriesKatherine Peeters
2021-07-01Oh my god I'm bad at keeping the librejam pages up to dateKatherine Peeters
2021-06-28Fix footer formattingKatherine Peeters
2021-06-28Removed Low Tech WebringKatherine Peeters
2021-06-17Fixed typoKatherine Peeters
2021-06-13Changed cafe:babe back to the old ID conventionKatherine Peeters
2021-06-03Added peer 'caca'Katherine Peeters
2021-06-03Fixed typoKatherine Peeters
2021-06-03Make cafe:babe IDs simplerKatherine Peeters
2021-05-31LibreJam 202106: TimeKatherine Peeters
2021-05-28Removed mailing list links from English homepageKatherine Peeters
2021-05-28Point to the new LibreJam mailing listKatherine Peeters
2021-05-28Added style for lmlKatherine Peeters
2021-05-26Repositioned the Gentoo badgeKatherine Peeters
2021-05-25I'm dumb >.<Katherine Peeters
2021-05-25Fixed news headerKatherine Peeters
2021-05-25Clarify the partnered sectionKatherine Peeters
2021-05-25Added a Gentoo badgeKatherine Peeters
2021-05-23Updated Minetest and LibreJam pagesKatherine Peeters
2021-05-21Added new IRC serverKatherine Peeters