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-LSAND stands for Libre Services Advertisement Network Distribution. The name was chosen because LSAND sounds like a cool acronym.
-Similar to a webring, LSAND aims to provide an easy way for users to discover libre/open source services. Participants display LSAND listings on their site using a very easy to use CGI program. Their viewers will then be able to see non-intrusive ad listings when browsing their pages. These listings can be posted by anyone for free, and includes only libre software and services.
-=> /en/lsand.gmi Homepage
-=> Git repository
-=> Mailing list
-## How do I add this to my website?
-* Clone the Git repository: "git clone"
-* Compile the code: "make"
-* Install the program: "make install"
-* Add the "/usr/bin/lsand.cgi" CGI program to your HTTP server
-* Serve "/usr/share/lsand" as "/lsand" on your HTTP server
-It's as easy as that! There are some additional options available for those who are brave enough to read the Makefile, but the above steps are all you need to get up and running.
-## How do I post an ad?
-* Add an LSAND widget to your website.
-* Create a `.lsand` file with the following contents:
-Title: Put your project's title here, max 32 characters
-Image: projectimage.png
-Description: Talk about your project here, max 256 characters
-* Create an image for your project, 426x240 pixels.
-* Send your listing to us! Emails go to [](
-If all goes well, your submission should be approved within 72 hours. Please note that all content must be safe for work, and projects which are not libre or have nothing to do with libre software will be rejected.