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## News
Pages from the site news feed.
+=> news.rss/20210812-gemini.gmi now has Gemini support
=> news.rss/20210521-irc.gmi New LOHIRC server!
=> news.rss/20210327-minetest.gmi Minetest server is back!
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+# now has Gemini support
+Title says it all! The entirety of the site's static content can now be viewed over Gemini. Simply point your Gemini client to the linked address, it's that simple! Truly it's nice to get away from the web for a while. Preferably forever.
+Do note that unfortunately not the entire site is available over Gemini at the moment. Specifically, the portions that are not available are:
+* /git, which is handled by cgit and therefore HTTPS-only at the moment. A Gemini-compatible solution will hopefully be found in the future.
+* /m, which is handled by lml, which currently only supports HTML output. Support for Gemtext output will be added soon.
+* /stat, which is handled directly by nginx, and so cannot be ported to Gemini, unless the site switches to a new RTMP streaming solution.
+Apart from the parts of the site mentioned above, everything should be accessible over Gemini. If you find any problems, please be sure to let us know on the IRC server!
+=> gemini:// on Gemini