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## Chat
-- \#loh-en on [Freenode](
+- \#loh-en on [LOHIRC](ircs:// Connect using an IRC client
+ **with SSL** to ``, port 6697.
## Groups
@@ -32,5 +33,6 @@ Find other people interested in the same sorts of things.
# News
+- [New LOHIRC server!](news.rss/
- [Minetest server is back!](news.rss/
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+# New LOHIRC server!
+Hello all! Historically, we've hosted our IRC channels (primarily \#loh-en and
+\#librejam) on Freenode. Given the recent controversy involving Freenode
+however, we've decided to move to a new platform, and ultimately settled on
+creating our own IRC server!
+The new server can be connected to at `` using the default
+SSL-enabled IRC port (6697). The server does not accept plaintext connections at
+this time, so ensure your IRC client is configured to use SSL.
+For those only interested in our IRC server, you can stop reading now. If you
+want to hear more about what's going on at Freenode, feel free to keep reading.
+## What's up with Freenode?
+Given the wealth of vague and often misleading information out there, I am
+attempting to write a short and neutral explanation of what's going on. In the
+following paragraph, I try my best to avoid making conclusions or bringing in my
+own opinions.
+Recently, various staff members have accused Andrew Lee, the chairman of
+Freenode Limited, of staging a hostile takeover of the network. Likewise,
+chairman Lee has accused a particular staff member of the same, although he also
+states that he has since resolved the conflict with this staff member. These
+accusations have resulted in various Freenode staff members leaving the network
+due to concerns of a corrupt takeover by chairman Lee. Some staff members have
+caused disruption to the network by terminating network services before leaving,
+and a variety of global notices from both irritated staff members and Andrew Lee
+have been sent. As of yet, it is not entirely clear whether Andrew Lee actually
+poses a threat to the network as accused by various members of the Freenode
+staff, nor is it clear whether certain staff members actually pose a threat to
+the network as accused by chairman Lee. Making such conclusions is very
+difficult at the moment due to a lack of clear information, and the fact that
+what information is available comes from the two parties in question and is
+therefore subject to heavy bias.
+So, with this said, what's my opinion on all this? Surely I see that Andrew Lee
+is spelling the apocalypse for Freenode, and that's why I've started the LOHIRC
+server? Actually, no. My perspective at this point is that both parties are
+behaving irrationally and irresponsibly. Regardless of whether or not chairman
+Lee is attempting to take over the network, both parties are causing significant
+damage to the network's community by refusing to handle this dispute in a civil
+manner. In particular, I am very disappointed in the actions of the various
+Freenode staff members who have abandoned Freenode in order to start their own
+network, Libera Chat. To me, abandoning Freenode so hastily without even
+attempting to put up a fight to protect the network from the takeover they keep
+warning of doesn't seem to indicate that they feel any duty of care for
+Freenode, nor their responsibilities as staff members.
+In any case, I wish the best for Freenode, and likewise for our new server
+LOHIRC. Thanks for reading.