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<div class="footer">
<p>This website is proudly JavaScript-free for your browsing comfort.</p>
<p>License: <a href="/git/loh-website/tree/">AGPL3</a> | <a href="/git/loh-website">/git/loh-website</a> | Inspired by <a href=""></a>.</p>
-<p>Contact <a href=""></a> for inquiries.</p>
+<p>By using this site you implicitly agree with the terms of the <a href="/en/oath.html">Oath of Humanity</a> | Contact <a href=""></a> for inquiries.</p>
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The League of Humanity is a community focused on promoting kindness and supporting the everyday struggle. Many other groups are serious in their goal, while we're more loosely organized; off topic discussion is encouraged. The channels are mainly a place for people to partake in a community and find other people who share their interests.
=> news.xml Site news
=> privacy.gmi Online privacy guide
-=> /index.gmi Site root and other languages
-=> /u/index.gmi User pages
=> Git repositories
=> ircs:// #loh-en on LOHIRC. Connect using an IRC client *with SSL*
+=> oath.gmi Oath of Humanity (Code of Conduct)
## Sitemap
=> /index.gmi Languages
@@ -20,6 +19,20 @@ Find other people interested in the same sorts of things.
=> lsand.gmi LSAND - a free advertising network for libre service developers
=> minetest.gmi LOH Minetest - a Minetest server and game developed by LOH folks.
+# FAQ
+Q: How do I become a member/post content to this site?
+A: Anyone is welcome to create their own userpage to post content to. Contact to set up your page.
+Q: Can I access this site without a web browser?
+A: Yes. This site is available over the Gemini protocol.
+Q: Can I access this site without an internet connection?
+A: Yes. This site has a git repository, linked here
+=> Git repository
+Q: Is there anything I can do to support this group?
+A: You can publish content here and socialize in the IRC channels. Translating pages to other languages is greatly appreciated, contact if you're interested in submitting translations. We are not accepting monetary donations at this time.
## News
Pages from the site news feed.
=> news.rss/20210812-gemini.gmi now has Gemini support
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+# Oath of Humanity
+I hereby swear that I respect all people with the sole condition that they do not willingly harm others. Any person who does not willingly harm others has my complete and unconditional respect for them as a person, and as such I will fully support them to the best of my abilities should they request my aid. No other criteria affect my moral judgement, including but not limited to, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, ideology, religion, and nationality. I will never willingly harm another person, and extend forgiveness to those who express sorrow for their actions and have sworn never to repeat them.
+## What is this?
+All people who interact with this organization implicitly agree with this oath, and all people who are formal members (ie shown in the userlist) have explicitly taken this oath. If you do not completely agree with these terms, do not interact with this organization.