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@@ -26,9 +26,6 @@ If your device is behind a NAT and you plan on running services on your device,
## Services
* 0000 - Home of and LOHIRC.
-* ff67 - PUBNIX with chat and botany. Contact for account.
-* 751e - LOH Minetest server[1].
-=> minetest.gmi [1] LOH Minetest server
## Gateways
* 0000 - Endpoint:, Subnet: fd00:cafe:babe:0000::/48
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@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ Find other people interested in the same sorts of things.
=> games.gmi Libre games - a database of libre games
=> librejam/index.gmi LibreJam - a bimonthly game jam to promote libre games
=> lsand.gmi LSAND - a free advertising network for libre service developers
-=> minetest.gmi LOH Minetest - a Minetest server and game developed by LOH folks
Q: How do I become a member/post content to this site?
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-# LOH Minetest
-A friendly server with technic, protection, playerfactions, and much more. Connect at, port 30000.
-=> Download Minetest
-=> ircs:// #loh-minetest on LOHIRC
-## comtest
-We run our own in-house subgame, "comtest". It has a built-in mechanism for updating mods from Git, as well as applying patches and configuration files. You can view the list of mods in the subgame by checking the git-mods.txt file in the git repository.
-=> comtest git repository
-## playerfactions
-A simple mod which allows player created factions. Not very useful on its own, it becomes very powerful when combined with other mods. playerfactions was developed by Katherine Peeters.
-=> playerfactions git repository