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mainFinished revamping cgit stylesheetKatherine Peeters42 hours
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42 hoursFinished revamping cgit stylesheetHEADmainKatherine Peeters
43 hoursFixed tag links in cgit stylesheetKatherine Peeters
43 hoursRemoved all hardcoded colours from cgitKatherine Peeters
43 hoursBetter light theme support for cgitKatherine Peeters
43 hoursUpdated cgit stylesheetKatherine Peeters
43 hoursMinor cleanup, resume announcementKatherine Peeters
4 daysFixed typo and dead link in privacy guideKatherine Peeters
4 daysFixed styling of privacy guideKatherine Peeters
4 daysImproved styling and added a light modeKatherine Peeters
2021-10-23Fixed suspension notice linkKatherine Peeters