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mainFixed label on librejam submissions bot page link thingKatherine Peeters4 weeks
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2022-06-01Fixed label on librejam submissions bot page link thingHEADmainKatherine Peeters
2022-06-01replaced mailinglist with irc bot instructionsElouin
2022-04-01Remove headerKatherine Peeters
2022-03-29Fixed grammer in librejam pageKatherine Peeters
2022-03-29LibreJam 202202 announcementElouin
2022-02-17Fixed link to Hexchat guide videoKatherine Peeters
2022-02-17Added IRC info pageKatherine Peeters
2022-02-03Attempted to fix RSS feedsKatherine Peeters
2022-02-03Fixed stylingKatherine Peeters
2022-02-03Move DOCTYPE to headerKatherine Peeters