Trade is a virtual card trading game played in the terminal with ASCII art graphics.

How to play

Playing Trade is simple. Register an LOH account with 'ssh', then log in with 'ssh'.

Use the 'help' command to show a help message, and 'open' to open a card pack. Each pack contains three random cards, and you can open a pack once a day. You can see the cards you have with 'list YourName'.


Cards are placed into tiers based on their copy number. There are 16 tiers, whose rarity increases exponentially, which are listed below from most common to least common:

There is one Omega-tier copy of each card, two Upsilon-tier copies, four Tau-tier copies, and so on. There are 65,536 copies of every card in total.


Trading is easy. First, find someone to trade with. The best place to look for traders is #loh-en on the LOH IRC server.

Once you've found someone to trade with, type 'offer TheirName'. You will then be prompted to enter the names and copy numbers of the cards you would like to give them, and then the names and copy numbers of the cards you want to receive from them. After selecting your cards, you will be asked to confirm your trade.

Finally, ask the trader to type 'trade YourName' to accept your trade offer. If they confirm, the trade will be completed.


If you have the time and would like to contribute to the game, please consider creating your own card designs! Submissions can be sent to (or katp32 on the LOH IRC server), and will be included in the next season of cards.

Legal notice: Submitted card designs are made a component of the Trade source code, and are therefore provided under the AGPL3 license. By submitting a card design, or any other contribution to the Trade source code, you agree to these terms.