League of Humanity

Privacy guide

Here's some tips on how to improve your privacy on the net! Disclaimer: This is by no means expert-level information; this is just a random collection of useful tips gathered from the web.

You may not want or be able to follow all of the above rules, but you should follow as many as you can in order to ensure your safety on the internet.

[1] pass homepage
[2] KeePassXC homepage
[3] Firefox hardening guide by PrivacyTools
[4] Tor Project homepage
[5] OpenPGP information and help
[6] Guerrilla Mail homepage

Alternatives to proprietary services

DuckDuckGo, an alternative to Google Search
Invidious, an alternative YouTube player
NotABug, an open source alternative to GitHub
Tox, a peer-to-peer and open source alternative to messengers
netsplit.de, an information site for IRC, which is an alternative to chat rooms such as Discord
LineageOS, an open source distribution of Android
GrapheneOS, an even more secure distribution of Android
Mastodon, an open source alternative to Twitter