P2P Revolution

There are three main ways to do networking: Centralized, federated, and P2P. With centralized servers, you have a single authority which holds complete control over the service, which is obviously not very anarchist in spirit. Most services on the Internet are centralized, such as this web server. Federated services allow for multiple providers to control a service, but at the end of the day they still usually result in power being held by a small number of providers. P2P, or peer to peer, is different.

With P2P networking, every device participating in the service becomes a shareholder in the service. This means that no group can have control over the service, which is great, but unfortunately P2P software can be tricky to write securely. In addition, we have an entire industry of companies running centralized services against us. This is the main reason why P2P hasn’t seen much success on the Internet thus far.

If you haven’t guessed already, this group is trying to change that. We’re developing alternatives to existing Internet services which meet a set of guidelines we’ve set out to ensure freer Internet.

In Progress

Here is a list of services currently in the works. Feel free to lend a hand!


Here is a list of services which have been requested, but have not started development as of yet.