New LOHIRC server!

Hello all! Historically, we've hosted our IRC channels (primarily #loh-en and #librejam) on Freenode. Given the recent controversy involving Freenode however, we've decided to move to a new platform, and ultimately settled on creating our own IRC server!

The new server can be connected to at using the default SSL-enabled IRC port (6697). The server does not accept plaintext connections at this time, so ensure your IRC client is configured to use SSL.

For those only interested in our IRC server, you can stop reading now. If you want to hear more about what's going on at Freenode, feel free to keep reading.

What's up with Freenode?

Given the wealth of vague and often misleading information out there, I am attempting to write a short and neutral explanation of what's going on. In the following paragraph, I try my best to avoid making conclusions or bringing in my own opinions.

Recently, various staff members have accused Andrew Lee, the chairman of Freenode Limited, of staging a hostile takeover of the network. Likewise, chairman Lee has accused a particular staff member of the same, although he also states that he has since resolved the conflict with this staff member. These accusations have resulted in various Freenode staff members leaving the network due to concerns of a corrupt takeover by chairman Lee. Some staff members have caused disruption to the network by terminating network services before leaving, and a variety of global notices from both irritated staff members and Andrew Lee have been sent. As of yet, it is not entirely clear whether Andrew Lee actually poses a threat to the network as accused by various members of the Freenode staff, nor is it clear whether certain staff members actually pose a threat to the network as accused by chairman Lee. Making such conclusions is very difficult at the moment due to a lack of clear information, and the fact that what information is available comes from the two parties in question and is therefore subject to heavy bias.

So, with this said, what's my opinion on all this? Surely I see that Andrew Lee is spelling the apocalypse for Freenode, and that's why I've started the LOHIRC server? Actually, no. My perspective at this point is that both parties are behaving irrationally and irresponsibly. Regardless of whether or not chairman Lee is attempting to take over the network, both parties are causing significant damage to the network's community by refusing to handle this dispute in a civil manner. In particular, I am very disappointed in the actions of the various Freenode staff members who have abandoned Freenode in order to start their own network, Libera Chat. To me, abandoning Freenode so hastily without even attempting to put up a fight to protect the network from the takeover they keep warning of doesn't seem to indicate that they feel any duty of care for Freenode, nor their responsibilities as staff members.

In any case, I wish the best for Freenode, and likewise for our new server LOHIRC. Thanks for reading.