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Time, What is Time? - By Tirifto

You play as a clock and your goal is to tick in the right time. Will you succeed in grasping this esoteric way of life?

"Time, What is Time?" is provided under the BSD license.

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Woe is all of us! For many years, people have been living ever so happily in the somewhat small but very cozy and honestly quite comfy kingdom of Her Majesty, Queen Catherine the Third, who was actually the second, but she thought 'third' would sound nicer with her name. (Like, she's the queen; what are you gonna do about it?) Until one day, the evil wizard Ruthwald the Ruthless appeared!

Just like that. No grand entrance or anything, he was suddenly just kind of there. But he was a cunning wizard, so he did not present himself with his whole name; he just presented himself as 'Ruthwald', which was quite unassuming. Unlike his appearance, which was pretty much the stereotype of evil, but people of the court were generally of good heart and did not judge on appearances.

Ruthwald the Ruthless has wasted no time using that to his advantage: he acted all nice and friendly, pretending to be a good wizard who's just sightseeing the land. The high priest told him: 'Sightseeing? Here? Our land is a good one for sure, but it does not have many sights, save for the great clock tower, bestowed upon us by the Green Witch, which now controls the time in all the world, because apparently she thought that would be a good idea!'

And to that, Ruthwald answered: 'Yeah, I was more or less thinking about that. Would you be as kind as to show me the sight? From up close, preferably, since my own sight has already grown quite poor.' On that note, you should take regular breaks when working with the computer. Don't sit too close to the screen, either, if you can help it.

So the high priest went and showed Ruthwald the clock tower's tower clock, which had been controlling the time in all the world for quite some time by then. That was when Ruthwald showed his true colour: ultraviolet! Everyone took cover to escape the rays, and while they were doing so, he took the clock and disappeared, with no one knowing where. Well, with a loot like that, he must have gone off to San Diego, but they didn't know that.

And so the world is now without time. On the bright side, a timeless world will never grow old, but on the dark side, no one no longer has the time for anything. Indeed, this world is now in great distress, and it is up to you to save it! How, you ask? Quite simple, yet quite challenging: become this world's new clock, at least for the time not being!