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Our IRC network provides a safe and well-moderated space for discussion, idle chat, and support. It's highly recommended that you come visit!

#loh-en on LOHIRC. Connect using an IRC client *with SSL*

How to connect using Hexchat (Windows, Linux, BSD)

First, download and install Hexchat from the official Hexchat site. Open Hexchat and set the nickname field to your chosen name, and the "second choice" and "third choice" fields to alternative nicknames if the one you chose is already taken. Your username should usually be the same as your nickname, but it can be different if you want.

Next, add a new network and name it LOHIRC. Click edit to edit the new network, and then click edit again to set the server address. Set the server address to "leagueh.xyz/6697". Finally, make sure "Use SSL for all the servers on this network" is checked, then click close to save the network.

Now whenever you open Hexchat, you can select LOHIRC from the network list and click "Connect" to connect to it. The chat window will then open, and ask you if you want to join a channel. Select "Join this channel" and enter "#loh-en" to join the general English channel, then click ok. You can now start chatting!

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How to connect on other platforms

IRC tips

The most significant difference between IRC and other chat services is that when you're not connected to the server, you can't receive messages. Users won't be able to direct message you, and you won't be able to see messages that were sent before you reconnected. In this way, IRC is similar to real life: You can't talk to someone unless you're in the same room as them. Keep this in mind when going offline, but know that it's perfectly normal to not be always connected to the Internet, going offline every once in a while is healthy.

Also note that users don't have to register an account to connect to the network; this means that anyone can take your username at any time. To prevent this, you can register an LOH account via SSH using "ssh register@leagueh.xyz". More information on this will be posted later.

Below is a list of useful IRC commands:

Finally, keep in mind that *anybody* can create channels on IRC, not just server operators as is the case with a certain competing service. At any time you can create a new channel by simply using "/join #newchannelname", and if there are no existing users in that channel you will automatically be made a channel operator. Keep in mind that operator status will be lost if you disconnect while other users are in the channel, so for best results contact a server operator to make it permanent.

LOHIRC is also not the only IRC network out there; in fact, it's an extremely small one. If you're looking for a larger community or support for a particular project, consider hopping into some other IRC networks such as OFTC or Libera Chat.

OFTC IRC network

Libera Chat IRC network

Happy chatting!