League of Humanity

The League of Humanity

The League of Humanity is a community focused on promoting kindness and supporting the everyday struggle. Many other groups are serious in their goal, while we're more loosely organized; off topic discussion is encouraged. The channels are mainly a place for people to partake in a community and find other people who share their interests.

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#loh-en on LOHIRC. Connect using an IRC client *with SSL*


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Find other people interested in the same sorts of things.

Trade - a virtual card trading game played over SSH
LibreJam - a bimonthly game jam to promote libre games


Q: How do I become a member/post content to this site?

A: Anyone is welcome to create their own userpage to post content to. Contact root@leagueh.xyz to set up your page.

Q: Can I access this site without a web browser?

A: Yes. This site is available over the Gemini protocol.

Q: Can I access this site without an internet connection?

A: Yes. This site has a git repository, linked here

Git repository

Q: Is there anything I can do to support this group?

A: You can publish content here and socialize in the IRC channels. Translating pages to other languages is greatly appreciated, contact root@leagueh.xyz if you're interested in submitting translations. We are not accepting monetary donations at this time.


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Service maintenance resumed, and userpage status update
Temporary suspension of services
leagueh.xyz now has Gemini support
New LOHIRC server!
Minetest server is back!