Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “League of Humanity”?

The League of Humanity is an organization focused on supporting people through everyday life. The goal is to promote kindness and tolerance, bringing people closer together in order to make broader change in the community.

Disclaimer: Although politics don’t come up very often, we are anarchists (note: ancaps aren’t real anarchists!), and we don’t tolerate intolerance. If that bothers you, then the League isn’t for you. Sorry. Please avoid bringing up politics unless you’re certain it aligns to this perspective, and note that conservatives and facsists will not be tolerated.

How do I join?

There is no formal registration process. Being a member just involves hanging around in chat and talking to others.

Is there a minimum age or preferred nationality?

No. The League represents equality and inclusiveness, and as such anybody and everybody has the right to participate in the League, regardless of age, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or anything else.

Currently, most members are English, however if you speak another language please submit a translation! It would be greatly appreciated. Seriously! We want translations!

Are there IRL meetings?

At the moment, no, although if you’re interested in organizing one feel free to rally up some members in your area and post about it here on a region-specific page.

How can I contribute?

Contributing is easy! Just hang around in chat and make conversation. Talk about a hobby project you’ve been working on, or ask about an upcoming event. In addition to that, you can add to or edit the website; translations are especially welcome!

How can I edit the website?

The site is managed via Git, and is available here. If you want to edit the website, please make your desired changes in a fork and then open a pull request.

If you don’t know how to use Git, just talk to someone who does and they’ll either guide you through it or submit your changes for you. That said, Git is an awesome tool, so learning how to use it yourself is encouraged!

We know it can be frustrating to have to wait for an admin to approve your hard work, but don’t worry, if you’re a frequent contributor you’ll become an admin yourself in no time at all.

Please don’t be discouraged by this. Any contribution, no matter how small, is welcome. Even if you’re just fixing a grammar error, it will be appreciated! Translations are especially welcome; even if you aren’t confident in your translation skills, it’s better to have a poor translation than nothing at all. Your contributions will always be appreciated!

Why have admins?

The only purpose of the site admins is to prevent harassment and spam, not to bully people into agreeing with them. Admins don’t have any authority over the League, and shouldn’t ever reject changes to the website unless they are of particularly poor taste.

If an admin is giving you grief, feel free to chat with another admin. We take admin abuse very seriously, so if you think you’re being mistreated, don’t hesitate to call out for help!