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“Cafe babe” is a virtual network for the LOH community. Connected devices can access and host services on the network. These could include chat servers, file shares, small web servers, or whatever else you think would be cool. In all honesty, the network doesn’t serve much purpose, it’s just meant to be neat.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting connected to the network.

  1. Install wireguard-tools on your Linux or BSD machine.
  2. Generate keys with wg genkey | tee privatekey | wg pubkey > publickey.
  3. Pick a four-digit hex number to be your ID. It must not already be taken.
  4. Email your public key and ID to root@leagueh.xyz.
  5. Once approved, you will receive an email with your gateway information.
  6. Fill in the example configuration file given below using your assigned ID.
  7. Start WireGuard using wg-quick up wg0, or your preferred method.

This example configuration file should be installed to /etc/wireguard/wg0.conf. It is very important that this file only be readable by root, or other users on your computer will be able to see your private key! Never send anyone your private key for any reason.

PrivateKey = <PRIVATE KEY>
ListenPort = 51820
Address = fd00:cafe:babe:<ID>::/48

AllowedIPs = fd00:cafe:babe::/48
Endpoint = <GATEWAY ENDPOINT>:51820

If your device is behind a NAT and you plan on running services on your device, add PersistentKeepalive = 25 to the [Peer] section of the above config file.


ID Description
0000 Home of leagueh.xyz and LOHIRC.
FF67 PUBNIX with chat and botany. Contact root@leagueh.xyz for account.
751E Official LOH Minetest server.


ID Subnet Endpoint
0000 fd00:cafe:babe:0000::/48


The address of any of the peers listed below is fd00:cafe:babe:<ID>::.

ID Endpoint Public key
0000 c3rhTp85xz6FYN0hMjX/wsw23sS9AePXAAanE9TJXVg=
006C xsAH73FGHNEdRR2C6iwewTncEMZaXA2cGLdd+LAR9EE=
4C76 uM4643YdnziwtXEPiMyeYoGHdwbBXQBjGKxRWr3/ryg=
751E qg9HJCxi8wZJze5X96ey5/UndLMqkaJDB+fz1TfCpwc=
80FA 5V7PQwN6G+uN1n4CDLHhO026tzMQhC8j7Z7V2OlsXBw=
8A86 qlCoQEpsHAagyWuF0q/XhSKTX+TgOabaSlAdHOAtw3Y=
DED9 HSBYOarUXxCbY+c7KwTE5D+vl9LKScRszG15+AoRxlc=
FF67 ErVn7+sNvo4cl5zCYiCPPsVMQzmkIvHr2lEdZx9aCkY=

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